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Compliment your home with a concrete patio that reflects your value for style and practicality.

Due to exposure to various weather conditions, activities, and dinner dishes, your patio may be one of the most worn-out parts of your home. Unfortunately, being outdoors and noticeable, it contributes a lot to your home’s value and appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a new concrete patio or an upgrade of your existing one, our team of experts is ready to listen to your needs. We want to understand your goals for your property. Are you looking at increasing its resale value? Are you prioritizing long-term durability and functionality? Do you want an impressive concrete patio to delight your guests even before they enter your home? We can help with all of this and more!

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We Are a Team of Concrete Patio Specialists

At Atlanta Driveway Paving, we want to be your partner at every step of the way when it comes to your concrete patios and concrete driveways. Tell us your design inspirations, and let us work together within your budget to bring your dream home to reality.

We are committed to serving our customers through our:

  • Competent expertise in applying the most modern and efficient solutions in the industry
  • Outstanding service that prioritizes your needs
  • Honesty in discussing the process
  • Reliability to keep our promise of professionalism, durable solutions, and timely work delivery

We understand that you have many options when it comes to concrete patio contractors, and we desire to stand out among the rest through our customer-focused solutions, reliable support, professionalism, and excellent work.

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Benefits of a Concrete Patio for Your Home


Concrete is one of the most common patio materials in Atlanta, GA. It is a material of choice for homeowners who value durability, ease of maintenance, and practicality.

Expanded Outdoor Venue for Dinner and Entertainment

With a concrete patio, you can celebrate the holidays with your family and friends over barbeques, grilled vegetables, and drinks! Don’t forget to prepare some fun games and stories that delight your guests. On days when you prefer peace and solitude, feel the breeze as you become engrossed with your favorite book or as you learn a new craft.



Every concrete patio that our professionals create is designed to last for a very long time. Through our use of up-to-date installation techniques, concrete patios can last for decades despite being exposed to harsh Atlanta, GA weather.


Easy Repair

Wear and tear on a concrete patio is easy to repair. Call our team for our quick patio restoration to take care of cracks and uneven areas.


Low Maintenance

All you need to maintain your concrete patio is a leaf blower, broom, and a shovel. For mud, a hose and a brush will do the trick.


Customization Options

Our team of professionals is experts at concrete patio design. Together, we will look at the options to match your home’s landscape and your design inspirations. Depending on your design choice, we can stamp concrete with patterns to capture the appeal of tile, slate, or brick.


Better Accessibility

As a non-slip patio material, concrete is perfect and safe for people with mobility issues. Are you considering installing other patio safety devices? Let’s discuss your needs.



Concrete patios combine cost-effectiveness, durability, availability of options, and ease of repair when it comes to practicality.


Our Concrete Patio Services and Other Expertise


Concrete Patio Installation


We want to help you expand your entertainment area through our concrete patio designs that blend with your home’s interior and exterior. Our concepts come with a host of customization options to fit your lifestyle and your budget.


Concrete Patio Repair


Our experts can repair minor issues with your concrete patios or concrete driveways in no time.


Driveway Paving


Our specialists at Atlanta Driveway Paving are experts at working with various materials such as stones, bricks, and tiles. We use high-quality paver sealants to protect your pavement from stains, preserving its look over the years.


Concrete Sidewalks


Our goal is to keep your home’s entrance safe and appealing. We only use high-quality materials to ensure years of durability even with frequent traffic.


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We are here to answer your questions every Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Call us at (770) 407 8742 or send us an email at [email protected] You can also leave us a message through our website’s contact form. Tell us your needs, and our team of driveway paving professionals at Atlanta Driveway Paving will give you a quote.